Artist Kenneth Fox

Photos of Artist Ken Fox

Artist Kenneth Fox was born in Bancroft, Iowa, and raised in Algona, Iowa.  In 1960, after serving in the U.S. Air Force, he moved to St. Paul, Minn., to further his ambition as an artist.

He underwent formal training at the School of Associated Arts. His talents saw no bounds.  Mastering in fine arts, he pursued portrait painting in oils and, over the years, became extremely proficient in oils and charcoal mediums. Upon graduation in 1963, Mr. Fox was asked to become a staff teacher for more than 22 years.

Early in his career, Fox began drawing a unique variety of aircraft and related aviation pieces for the Aviation Art Museum.  As the sole artist for the museum, Fox has completed more than 260 originals, all of which are maintained by the museum. He also sculpted in clay and plaster molding and became an expert model builder.  He also is a very talented graphic sign painter. Fox also is an accomplished restoration artist who restores prized works and masterpieces for a major gallery.

Through the AAM, Fox has produced a vast number of private commissions for individuals, military organizations and corporations. 

His diversity has no bounds and classic quality is his trademark. A majority of his work is accomplished from clear and detailed photographs. A variety of backgrounds and foregrounds can be applied to the subject matter at the descretion of the customer.

Commission prices are based on composition, size and whether the artwork is done in charcoal or oil. Image sizes range from 11'' by 14'' to 3 feet by 5 feet. Optional larger sizes are available. Finished oil originals are not framed, charcoal pencil originals are museum mounted only. Framing and matting are optional to the customer. A deposit of 50 percent is required on all commissions. Finished artwork will be shipped by insured freight.

Specializing in portraits, murals, landscapes, pets, aircraft, cars, boats and structural renderings.

Kenneth Fox
Phone: 651-291-8777


Below are some photographs of the diversity and quality of Mr. Fox's artwork:

Oil on canvas of a 1914 Ford Model T touring car.

Oil on canvas of a charming little girl.

Oil on canvas of artist's boyhood home in Algona, Iowa.

Oil on canvas of artist's mother.

Charcoal pencil of two young cowpokes.

Oil on canvas of an Arabian stallion.

Oil on canvas of kitten playing with ball.

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