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Prints are sorted by designation number.  If looking for a specific craft, you can use your browser's text search (e.g. typically Ctrl-F) as well.  Click on the link or image for a larger, more detailed view.

All prints are referenced by their print number.  A list of abbreviations (e.g. ETO is European Theater of Operations) is at the bottom of this page.  You can view the abbreviations in a separate browser window as well.

All charcoal prints are
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  001. High Flight 12" X 16", pen and ink

  157. Wright Brothers, 1903

  093. Granville Brothers Gee Bee R-1 Racer

  035. Space Shuttle take off

  054. Space Shuttle in orbit

  166. Space Shuttle Enterprise & Boeing 747

  194. Space Shuttle landing

  196. AC-130 Spectre Gunship

  204. Grumman JOV-1A Mohawk, USA

  152. O-1 Bird Dog, Vietnam, USAF

  154. U-1 Otter, USA, Vietnam

  172. O-2 F.A.C., USAF, Vietnam

  116. U-2 Spyplane, USAF

  133. EA-6B Prowler

  073. E-3A AWACS, SAC

  161. P-3 Orion on patrol

  142. E-4B Command Post, SAC

  153. U-6 Beaver, USA

  188. KC-10 Extender tanker

  170. OV-10 Bronco, USAF

  156. Bell X-1 (Maj. Chuck Yeager)

  103. X-15 Rocket, USAF & NASA

  200. USAF Thunderbirds F-16s

  199. USN Blue Angels F-18s

  078. SA/HU-16 Albatross making rescue

  158. T-39 Sabreliner, USAF

  088. S-55A Hot Air Balloons

  057. SR-71 Blackbird, side view

  085. SR-71 Blackbird, head on

  097. KC-97 Stratotanker

  107. D-LZ 129 Hindenburg

  050. KC-135 Stratotanker solo

  024. KC-135 & B-52 refueling

  169. VC-140 Jetstar, USAF

Abbreviations: ANG: Air National Guard; AVG: American Volunteer Group; ETO:European Theater; MTO: Mediterranean Theater; NASA: National Air and Space Administration; PTO: Pacific Theater; RAF: Royal Air Force; RCAF: Royal Canadian Air Force; USAAC: United States Army Air Corp; USAAF: United States Army Air Force; USAF: United States Air Force; USCG: United States Coast Guard; USMC: United States Marine Corp.; USN: United States Navy; VN: Vietnam

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